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EAGLE - Two strokes under par for a single hole.

ECLECTIC - An individual stroke play game comprising a defined number of rounds. At the end of the series each of the competitors records his best score of the series at each hole.

EIGHT-IRON - An iron club giving distance of between 115-150 yards. Also called a pitching niblick.

EQUIPMENT - Anything that is used by a player or is carried or worn. His ball in play is not included.

EXPLODE - To hit the ball from sand using a steeply lofted club with the club hitting into the sand behind the ball and spraying a large amount of sand.

EXPLOSION - A shot played from a sand bunker, usually when the ball has buried or settled down into the sand.

EXPLOSION SHOT - A shot that takes large quantities of sand out of a sand trap.

EXTRA HOLE - As with extra innings, golfers play extra hole to break a tie.
GALLERY - The group of tournament spectators.

GIMME - A putt that is certain to be made on the next shot and will most likely be conceded by an opponent.

GOLF - The game. Played by playing a ball from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules of Golf.

GOLF GLOVE - A glove generally worn by a right-handed golfer on the left hand, and by a left-handed golfer on the right hand, to improve the grip.

GOLF RANGE - A facility where people can practice their full swings and, in some cases, their short games.

GOBBLE - An obsolete slang term meaning a hard-hit putt that holes out.

GOOSE-NECK - Having the neck of a club curved so that the heel is slightly offset from the line of the shaft.

GORSE - A shrub primarily found on linkland type courses. It is a spiny evergreen with bright yellow flowers. Same as whin.

GRAIN - The direction in which the grass on a putting lies after it has been shortly cut.

GRAND SLAM - The four major championships: the British Open, the U.S. Open, PGA Championship and the Masters.

GRAPHITE - A lightweight material used to make shafts and clubheads.

GREEN - The whole golf course according to golf rules. However, in popular usage, it refers to the putting surface.

GREEN COMMITTEE - Members of a golf club who are responsible for the maintenance and management of the course.

GREEN FEE - The charge made by the course to allow the player to use the course.

GREENIE - Term used for a green reached in regulation.

GREEN JACKET - The prize awarded to the winner of the Masters Tournament.

GREENKEEPER - The employee of the club who is responsible for the maintenance of the course.

GREENSIDE - Adjacent to the putting green.

GRIP - The part of the shaft by which the club is held. Covered with leather or other material. Also means the manner in which you hold the club.

GROOVE - Linear scoring on a clubface.

GROSS SCORE - The actual number of strokes taken by a player for hole or round before the player's handicap is deducted.

GROUNDING THE CLUB - Placing the clubhead behind the ball at address.

GROUND UNDER REPAIR - Any part of the course being repaired is ground under repair. A ball that lands in such an area must be removed without penalty.

GROUP LESSON - A teaching session in which several pupils work with one or more PGA Professionals. This type of lesson is particularly effective for beginners, especially juniors.

GUTTA PERCHA - Material used in the manufacture of early golf balls. It was a hard, molded substance made from the sap of several types of Malaysian trees. These balls were in use from 1848 until the early 1900's.
FACE - The hitting area or surface of the club head.

FADE - A term used to describe the slight turning of the ball from left to right (by a right-handed player) at the end of its flight. From right to left for a left-handed player.

FAIRWAY - The area of the course between the tee and the green that is well-maintained allowing a good lie for the ball.

FAIRWAY WOOD - Any other wooden club other than a driver.

FAN - To miss the ball completely.

FAT SHOT - When the club hits the ground behind the ball. This results in high or low shots with a loss of distance.

FEATHERIE - An old leather ball stuffed with compressed feathers. Replaced by the gutta percha after 1848. Also spelled feathery.

FESCUE - Grass of the genus Festuca, widely used on for rough on golf courses.

FIELD - The players in a tournament.

FIRST SWING - The “First Swing” program is a “Program in a Box” lesson program specifically designed to introduce the non-golfer to the game of golf in a non-threatening, non-intimidating way.

FIVE-IRON - An iron club used for distances between 145-180 yards for men's clubs. Also known as a mashie.

FIVE-WOOD - A wooden club used for distances between 190-210 yards for men's clubs.

FLAG - The marker attached to the flagstick.

FLAG COMPETITION - A stroke play game in which each player has a flag. When the player has played the number of strokes equal to the par of the course plus his handicap, he places a flag in the course at that point. The winner is the player who goes farthest around the course with the alotted number of strokes.

FLAGSTICK - A movable marker to show the location of the hole.

FLANGE - The additional surface of the club head which protrudes at the sole.

FLASH TRAP - A shallow and small sand bunker.

FLATSTICK - Slang term for a putter, because putter faces are considered flat relative to other golf clubs.

FLAT SWING - The type of swing that occurs when the club head is carried back in a flat manner - usually inside-out.

FLEX - The amount of bend or the degree of stiffness of the club shaft.

FLIER - A ball is hit without spin and goes for a greater distance than normal

FLIER LIE - A good lie in the rough.

FLIGHT - In tournament play, the division of players with players of equal ability being placed in the same flight. Sixteen is usually the number of players in a flight however any number of players may be placed in a flight.

FLIP SHOT - A short shot played with a high trajectory with a highly lofted iron such as an eight or nine.

FLOP SHOT - Similar to a flip shot except that it involves a long, slower swing.

FLUB - A poorly hit shot usually caused by hitting the ground before the ball.

FLUFFY LIE - A lie in which the ball rests atop the longish grass. This can be a tricky lie because the tendency is to swing the clubhead under the ball, reducing the distance it carries.

FOLLOW-THROUGH - The continuation of the swing after the ball has been hit.

FORE - A warning shouted out to warn anyone who may be in danger from the flight of the ball.

FORECADDIE - Someone employed by the course or tournament committee to mark the position of a player's ball.

FORM - A golfer's standard of play based on past performance.

FOUR BALL - A match in which the better ball of two players is played against the better ball of their opponents.

FOUR-IRON - An iron club used for distances of between 155-190 yards for men's clubs. Also known as a mashie iron.

FOUR-WOOD - A wooden club used for a distance of between 200-230 yards - for men' clubs. Also called a spoon.

FOURSOME - A term given to four players playing together. Also a match in which two players play against another two players with each side playing one ball.

FREE DROP - A drop where no penalty stroke is incurred.

FRIED-EGG - A ball half-buried in the sand.

FRINGE - The area surrounding the putting green which is sometimes cut to a height lower than the fairway but not as short as the green itself. Same as "apron".

FROG HAIR - The short grass that borders the edge of the putting surface.

FRONT SIDE - The first nine holes of an 18 hole course.

FULL HOUSE - A game in which a player is set a points target calculated by deducting his handicap from 36. The winner is the one who surpasses his target by the most points. Scoring is 8 points for an eagle, 4 for a birdie, two for a par and 1 for bogey.
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