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PACE - The speed of the golf swing or the speed of the greens.

PADDLE GRIP - A putting grip with a flat surface where the thumbs rest.

PAIRS - Two golfers playing together in a stroke competition. Also to assign players to play together in a competition.

PAIRINGS - Groups of two players.

PAR - The number of strokes a player should take to complete a round with good performance. Par for each hole is given on the scorecard.

PAR COMPETITION - A game in which play is against a fixed score for each hole (called the par or bogey). Scoring is as in match play with plus 1 if the player scores better than par, equal if he scores par and minus 1 if more than par. The player with the highest aggregate score is the winner.

PARKLAND - A course laid out in grassland with little rough.

PARTNER - A golfer who plays together with another in a match.

PAWKY - Old Scottish term meaning cunning or tricky.

PEG - A tee.

PENALTY STROKE - An additional stroke added to a player's score for a rules violation.

PENDULUM STROKE - A putting stroke that moves the club head back and forth on a constant line.

PERSIMMON - Wood with a distinctive grain used in many clubs.

PGA - Professional Golfers Association.

PICK UP - To take up one's ball before holing out. In match play this concedes the hole or in stroke play incurs disqualification.

PILL - Nickname for the ball.

PIN - Same as "flagstick".

PIN-HIGH - A ball even with the pin but off to one side. Same as "hole high".

PIN PLACEMENT (PIN POSITION) - The position of a hole on a putting green on any given day.

PINCH SHOT - A shot played around the green in which a player strikes the ball with a crisp, clean descending blow.

PINEHURST - A variation of play in which a partner plays the other partner's drive. One ball is then selected to finish the hole.

PINSETTER - The official responsible for pin placement.

PITCH - A short shot lofting the ball into the air in a high arc and landing with backspin.

PITCH AND PUTT - A short golf course designed primarily for approaching and putting.

PITCH AND RUN - The same as a pitch shot but hit with a lower-numbered club to reduce loft and backspin. This allows the ball to run after it lands on the putting green.

PITCHER - Former name for a 7 or 8 iron.

PITCHING IRONS - The short irons.

PITCHING NIBLICK - Old name of an 8 iron.

PITCHING WEDGE - An iron club designed for making pitch shots.

PIVOT - The rotation of the shoulders, trunk and pelvis during the golf swing.

PLACEMENT - Accuracy in the targeting of a shot.

PLAY - To strike the ball with a club. The action of playing the game of golf.

PLAY CLUB - An obsolete ancient driver.

PLAY OFF - To determine a winner in a tie match by playing further holes or a further round.

PLAYING PROFESSIONAL - A professional golfer who primarily competes in tournaments.

PLAYING THROUGH - Passing another group of players who are playing ahead.

PLUGGED LIE - The condition when the ball comes to rest in its own pitch mark, usually in a bunker or soft turf.

PLUMB-BOB - A method many players use to help them determine the amount a putt will break. When you position yourself behind the ball and hold the putter vertically so it covers the ball, the shaft of the putter indicates how much the ball will break.

PLUS HANDICAP - The number of strokes a player gives to adjust his ability to the common level.

POP UP - A short, high shot.

POT BUNKER - A small, deep sand trap with steep sides.

PRACTICE GREEN - Green set up for putting practice.

PREFERRED LIE - Local rules which allow a player to improve his lie in a specific manner without penalty.

PRE-SHOT ROUTINE - The actions a player takes from the time he selects a club until he begins the swing.

PRIVATE LESSON When an instructor gives a lesson to a single pupil.

PROFESSIONAL - A player who receives payment for teaching or playing in tournaments. Usually shortened to Pro.

PRO-AM - pro-Am A competition which pairs professional players with amateurs.

PRO SHOP - The golf course shop operated by the head professional where equipment is sold.

PROVISIONAL BALL - A ball played if the previously played ball may be lost or out of bounds.

PUBLIC LINKS - A course open to the public.

PULL - A ball that goes to the left of the target with little curve as hit by a right-handed player. The converse applies to left-handed players.

PUNCH - Low, controlled shot into the wind. It is made by slamming the club down into the ball with a short swing.

PUNCHBOWL GREEN - A "punchbowl green" is one that sits beneath the level of its fairway, with mounding around it so that golf balls are funneled down to the putting surface.

PUNCH SHOT - A low-flying shot played with an abbreviated backswing and finish. The key to the shot is having the hands slightly ahead of the clubhead at impact, which reduces the effective loft of the club.

PUSH - A ball that goes to the right of the target with very little or no curving for a right handed player. Or the converse for a left-handed player. As opposed to "pull".

PUTT - The shot made on the putting green. From a Scottish term meaning to push gently or nudge.

PUTT OUT - To hole the ball with a putt.

PUTTER - A short-shafted club with a straight face for putting.

PUTTING GREEN - The surface area around the hole that is specially prepared for putting.
R & A - Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

RABBIT - An amateur golfer with little success. A touring professional who has no tournament exemptions and must compete in qualifying rounds for chances to play in tournaments.

RAKE - A high-lofted iron club that is no longer in use. It was used for playing from sand and out of water.

RANGE - Practice area.

RAP - To firmly hit a putt.

READING THE GREEN - Determining the path which the ball will take on its way to the hole by analyzing the contour and texture of the green.

RECOVER - To play back into a satisfactory position on the fairway or onto the green from an undesirable position, such as a hazard or rough, on the course.

REGULAR SHAFT - A shaft with normal flex.

RELEASE - The point in the downswing where you uncock your wrists.

REVERSE GRIP - A method of positioning the hands together on the club as the hands are reversed such that the opposite index finger butts against the pinky from below it.

RHYTHM - The coordination of movement during the golf swing or putting stroke.

RIFLE - To play a shot accurately and for a great distance.

RIM - To run round the edge of the cup.

RIM OUT - To run around the edge of the cup and fail to fall in.

ROAD HOLE - The 17th hole at St. Andrews. Reputed to be the most difficult hole in the world.

ROLL-ON-A-SHOT - Turning the wrists too much at impact.

ROUGH - Long grass areas adjacent to fairway, greens, tee off areas or hazards.

ROUND - A complete game of golf - 18 holes is one round.

ROUND ROBIN - A tournament in which every player has the opportunity to play every other player.

RUB OF THE GREEN - Any accident, not caused by a player or caddie, that moves or stops a ball in play and for which no relief is given under the rules. This is when your ball is deflected by agencies beyond your control that are not part of the match or the competitor's side in stroke play. A bit of bad luck.

RUN - The distance the ball rolls on the ground or when it lands on the ground.

RUNNING IRON - A club that is used for making short running shots.

RUN-UP - An approach shot that is close to the ground or on the ground.
QUAIL HIGH - A shot hit on a low and flat trajectory.

QUALIFYING SCHOOL - Where would-be professionals attempt to qualify for the PGA and LPGA tours.

QUARTER SHOT - A shot made with a reduced swing, less than that for a half shot.

QUITTING ON THE BALL - Not hitting through your shot with complete effort.
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